Wood shaving dryer

wood shaving dryer

Wood sharving dryer introduction

A wood shaving dryer is also called a wood chip drying machine. The wood shaving dryer is the key drying equipment for drying and dewatering wood shavings. It can dry wood shavings from 40-50% moisture to 8-15% moisture, suitable for storage, or as per customer requirements. The moisture inside the wood shavings is mainly free water and biological water. Of these, free water is more easily dehydrated and biological water is more difficult to remove.

Qingdao palet has been worked in the drying of wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings for more than 10 years. From then on, we have seen many different kinds of drying methods with varying degrees of success.

Wood sharving dryer process

wood shaving dryer process

Wood shaving equipment list

1elevator5pipe9wood shaving dryer
2hot air furnace6feed scew10draft fan
3draft fan7wind closing device11cyclone
4chimney8feeding conveyor12discharging conveyor

Wood sharving dryer principle

The wet wood shaving material is fed to the hopper by a belt conveyor or bucket elevator, which then passes through the hopper’s feeder to the feed end through the feed pipe. The slope of the feeding pipe should be greater than the natural inclination of the material so that the material flows smoothly into the dryer.

A dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder that is slightly inclined to the horizontal line. The material is added from the higher end, and the heat carrier enters from the lower end, and contacts the material in a counterflow, there are also heat carriers and material together and flow into the rotary drum dryer

As the cylinder rotates the material runs by gravity to the lower end. In the process of moving forward in the rotary dryer, the wet material is directly or indirectly given heat by the heat carrier, so that the wet material can be dried, and then sent out at the discharge end through the belt machine or screw classifier.

wood shaving

Wood sharving dryer operating process

step1: The drum dryer is mainly composed of rotary body, lifting plate, transmission, support device and sealing ring.
The main part of the wood shaving rotary dryer is a rotating cylinder that is slightly inclined to the horizontal line. The cylinder is driven by gears, the speed is usually 2~6r/min, the inclination of the cylinder is related to its length, usually between 1°~5°.

step2: The material is fed in from the higher section of the rotating cylinder, which is in contact with hot air, and as the cylinder rotates, the material flows to the lower end to be dried and discharged under the action of gravity. As the rotary dryer works under negative pressure, the inlet and discharge ends are sealed to avoid air leakage.

step3: The roller dryer adopts the advanced structure of drum and plate, after the material enters the cylinder, it is continuously dissipated in the hot air flow under the action of plate, so that the surface of the particles can fully contact with the hot air, thus achieving the best drying effect and completing the drying process of material.discharge end through the belt machine or screw classifier.

Wood sharving dryer specification and parameter

ModelSpecification (m)Capacity(kg/h)Rotate speed(r/min)Power(kw)Size(m)

Rotary dryer video

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