Wood pellet mill

Flat die pellet mill


The spacing between the roller and the flat die model can be adjusted. It is not appearing dislocation and friction. decreasing the resistance, reducing the kinetic energy loss. extending the life of the die and reducing the production costs.

Ring die pellet mill


This model uses a strong gearbox transmission system, has ideal transmission efficiency, rotation steady, output high, noise low, no oil leak pollution, maintenance cost low, Pinch roller sets smoothly and increases the pressing of the district, increasing the production efficiency.

Pellet mill die

The die is the core component in the pellet mill. And it is the key to making wood pellets. According to incomplete statistics, the cost of the pellet mill die loss accounts for more than 25% of the maintenance cost of the whole production workshop. For every percentage point increase in fees, your market competitiveness drops by 0.25%.