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Make Your Own Wood Pellets With Pellet Machine

Wood pellet machine is mainly made of dry sawdust, wood shavings, industrial waste and other waste materials. Through the effective utilization of biomass waste, the process of turning waste into treasure is realized. By converting biomass waste into biomass pellet machine, not only the resource utilization of waste is realized, but also the development of renewable energy is promoted.Wood pellets is widely used in the field of biomass energy, such as home heating, industrial combustion and power generation , and wood pellets will play an increasingly important role in the future energy field.

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Different Types of Pellet Machine

Flat die pellet mill


The spacing between the roller and the flat die model can be adjusted. It is not appearing dislocation and friction. decreasing the resistance, reducing the kinetic energy loss. extending the life of the die and reducing the production costs.

Ring die pellet mill


This model uses a strong gearbox transmission system, has ideal transmission efficiency, rotation steady, output high, noise low, no oil leak pollution, maintenance cost low, Pinch roller sets smoothly and increases the pressing of the district, increasing the production efficiency.


Vertical ring die pellet mill


1. Vertical feeding, directly in place
2. The mold is stationary, the pressure roller rotates, and the material is evenly distributed around to prevent the accumulation of raw materials
3. Independent discharging device to ensure the forming rate of pellets
4. Ring mold, vertical structure, is conducive to heat dissipation and cooling in the pelletizing room.

Pellet mill die

The die is the core component in the pellet mill. And it is the key to making wood pellets. According to incomplete statistics, the cost of the pellet mill die loss accounts for more than 25% of the maintenance cost of the whole production workshop. For every percentage point increase in fees, your market competitiveness drops by 0.25%. 

Advantages of Pellet Mill Manufacturer

  1. Technological leadership and innovation capability: Qingdao PALET company use the latest production technology and equipment (CNC machine processing molds, shafts, laser cutting processing shells) to ensure that the pellet machines they manufacture reach the industry-leading level in terms of performance, efficiency, durability, etc.
  2. Product diversity: we supply pellet machines of various models and specifications to meet the production needs of different industries and customers. Whether it is used for feed pellet production,wood pellet production,biomass pellet production, or according to different outputs, you can find a suitable pellet machine model.
  3. Customized pellet mill : Qingdao PALET company can customize the design according to the special needs of customers, provide personalized solutions, and improve the applicability and production efficiency of the equipment.
  4. High-quality materials and parts: We use high-quality materials and parts in the equipment manufacturing process to ensure the durability and stability of the equipment. For example, 20CrMnTi low-carburized alloy steel is used to produce molds, and SKF thrust ball bearings are used for roller bearings; at the same time, strict quality control of raw materials and parts can reduce equipment wear and failure rate and increase the service life of the equipment
  5. Professional technical support: We have a professional technical team that can provide customers with comprehensive technical support and solutions.
  6. Comprehensive after-sales service: The manufacturer also provides comprehensive after-sales service, including equipment warranty, pellet mill repair and maintenance, and spare parts supply. These services can ensure that customers receive timely and effective support during use and reduce the impact of equipment failure on production.
  7. Brand effect and reputation guarantee: Qingdao PALET company have a high brand awareness and reputation. Cooperating with many companies, the brand effect can not only attract more customers to cooperate, but also improve customers’ trust and satisfaction with the products. Qingdao PALET company pay attention to reputation building and abide by business ethics and laws and regulations. They have established a good cooperative relationship with customers and won the trust and support of customers through honest and trustworthy business methods.

How to make wood pellets with biomass processing machines

The following is a specific method of how to convert biomass materials into wood pellets:
1. Raw material collection and pretreatment: such as sawdust, wood shavings, etc. to remove impurities and other steps.
2. Crushing: Feed the raw materials into the wood crusher for crushing.
3. Drying: Remove moisture from the raw materials in the rotary dryer.
4. Granulation: The raw materials enter the wood pellet mill and are extruded to form regular granular materials.
5. Cooling: The pellets are cooled by the cooler to prevent the pellets from absorbing moisture during packaging and storage.
6. Screening, use screening machine of different particle sizes for screening to separate the pellets that meet the requirements.
7. Packing machine: Packing through an automatic packing machine for storage and transportation.