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Small pellet mill

Capacity: 50-500kg/h

Pellet Diameter: 2.5-12mm

Application: Wood chips,sawdust, straw, peanut shells, and fruit shells processed into pellets, suitable for making pellets at home

Flat die pellet mill

Capacity: 150-1000kg/h

Pellet Diameter: 2.5-12mm

Application: Medium-sized farms or small and medium-sized industrial companies to make pellets. Wood chips,sawdust, straw, etc. 

Ring die pellet mill

Capacity: 500-4000kg/h

Pellet Diameter: 2.5-12mm

Application: Wood chips,sawdust, straw, peanut shells processed into pellets, Medium and large industrial companies make pellets


Vertical pellet mill

Capacity: 500-3000kg/h

Pellet Diameter: 2.5-12mm

Application: All kinds of biomass raw materials are suitable for biomass plants to make pellets.

How to choose wood pellet machine Manufacturer?

With more than 30 years of experience in the biomass pellet industry, we have developed and manufactured wood pellet machines for home use, high-efficiency flat die pellet mills, and large-capacity ring die pellet mills.  Qingdao PALET biomass company is one of the world’s leading pellet mill makers, We can design and customize wood pellet machine and wood pellet production lines according to customers’ requirements.

Our company has enough pellet mills and pellet mill parts in stock to meet your needs. We promise that we quote fast and deliver promptly, and gain a very good reputation for our best quality, reasonable price of pellet mill, fast delivery, and excellent service.

What machine is used to make wood pellets?

First of all, choose the raw materials, general biomass raw materials are available, such as wood chips, shavings, sawdust, straw, peanut shells, etc.. But the raw material moisture must be in 10%-20%. Secondly, choose a pellet mill with the right output, if you are making pellets at home, you can use a small pellet mill. If you are making pellets in an industrial plant, you can choose a medium to large-size flat die pellet mill and a ring die pellet mill. Third, you can choose pellet production line supporting equipment, such as a crusher, cooler, and pellet packing machine, etc.

Complete Wood Pellet Production Line

Wood pellet production line, according to the different raw materials and different output, the required equipment is also slightly different, the general equipment required are comprehensive crusher, hammer mill, dryer, pellet mill, cooler, packaging machine, and other auxiliary equipment, such as belt conveyor, cyclone dust collector, fan, raw material bin, finished product bin, windbreaker, hot air furnace, etc.

Wood pellet production line project

ring die pellet mill

1T/H wood pellet plant in Malaysia

2T/H sawdust pellet plant in China

wood pellet machines

3T/H sawdust pellet plant in China

ring die pellet mills

6T/H wood pellet plant in China

ring die pellet mill in canada

1T/H sawdust pellet plant in Canada

sawdust pellet mills

3T/H Wood pellet mills in China

Wood pellet machine videos

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