Wood hammer mill

Advatage and Features

  • Unique inlet air way avoids circumfluence phenomenon in the crushing process; equips “U” type hitting groove in the bottom of the crushing chamber, which enhances the output; quick-start full opening operation door, elasticity screen, easy to maintain and replace the screen.
  • Uses import “NSK” bearing to guarantee the service life; The nylon stick coupling drives directly, effectively avoids bearing radiation.
  • Through dynamic balancing check, the rotor runs more stably, the noise is lower, and the performance is more ideal;
  • Feed port locates at the top of the pulverizer, which can match with each kind of feed mechanism.
  • Through adjustment, this machine can realize coarse cracking, fine cracking, minuteness cracking, one machine multipurpose.
  • It is suitable to high quality poultry material, aquatic product material, alcohol plant, citric acid factory and so on.

wood hammer mill

The primary equipment for wood powder machine,wood powder production line and wood pellet plant.​

1.The specification and tenich parameter

Rotor diameter(MM)500500630630720700
Spindle Speed(Rpm)280028002950295029502950
Crush room width(MM)2505004506508501200
Hummer quantity36/7240/8064/8080/9696/14496/144
Allocation power(KW)18.5/2222/3037/4555/7590/110110

2.Wood hammer mill instruction

Wood hammer mill by palet machinery is an ideal equipment for producing the small size of wood products. Wood pellets processing or wood powder processing also needs wood hammer mill equipment. Wood hammer mill is specially designed for crushing wood chips, woodblocks, sawdust, rice hull、efb fiber、pks and so on for further production.

3.Wood hammer mill principle

Wood hamme mill roller works with a high speed. when the material goes into the machine,.blades cutting and high speed material impacting works together to make it a good crushing machine. During blade cutting, rotator creates high speed air and spins with blade cutting direction. Raw materials speed up and impact with each other repeatedly ,at the same time, the materials impact with the screen to crushed them completely. And the Finished product goes out from the bottom of the screen.

4.What materials can be crushed

Many raw materials can be processed into small size by wood hammer mill, but there is also a standard about the size of the raw material. Generally speaking, it can crush wood chippers and wood blocks with a diameter of 20mm-50mm. Many materials like sawdust and rice hull are also common wood pellet and wood powder materials. The crushed materials are particles with a diameter of about 3-5mm, which can be directly for pelletizing by pellet mill. The particles with a diameter of about 40-80mesh, which can be directly for making Wood-plastic composites.

5. Wood hammer mill application

Suitable materiallogs、branch、waste of wood、sawdust、rice hull、efb fiber、pks、opf、bamboo、couch grass、corn and sorghum stalks、wheat straw,etc.
application industrypaper making industry、wood plastic composites、wood pellet plant、boiler heating、BBQ heating、wood chip dryer、sawdust sawdust dryerdryer、biomass indusrty,etc.

6.The spare part pictures

wood hammer mill blade


wood hammer mill screen

7.Hammer mill videos

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