Wood crusher

Wood crusher machine

Wood crusher by Palet machinery is specially designed for processing wood, branches, slab scraps into wood powder and wood flour. It is a piece of quite important equipment in the small size wood pellet plant and wood powder making production line.

wood hammer mill

Wood hammer mill by palet machinery is an ideal equipment for producing the small size of wood products. Wood pellets processing or wood powder processing also need wood hammer mill equipment. Wood hammer mill is specially designed for crushing wood chips, wood block, wood shavings, sawdust, rice hull, grass, EFB fiber, PKS and so on for further production.

Wood powder machine

Wood powder machine is a kind of making wood powder system, which includes feeding material, grinding, sieving, collection. It can crush the material into particles with a diameter of  60-120mesh, which can be directly for making wood-plastic composites, medicine products,chemical products,etc. It is a complete and advanced wood crushing production line.