Wood crusher machine

Advatage and Features

1.wood crusher machine occupies little room, low investment
2. increase the second hard-wearing material on the head, improves crushing efficiency by 50%
3.high economic efficiency, high productivity, low energy consumption,
4.easy to operation and maintenance

wood crusher

1.Wood crusher machine introduction

Wood crusher by Palet machinery is specially designed for processing wood logs, branches, slab scraps into wood powder and wood flour. It is a important equipment in the small size wood pellet plant and wood powder-making production line.

2.Specification and tenich parameter


3.The Principle of Wood crusher machine

1. Cutting and crushing are integrated by the wood crusher. there are two entrances in the machine.
2. Wood logs and branches are sent into the cutting entrance, and then the wood is cut into small size by the blades, which are made of a new type of high quality alloy materials.after that, the small size wood chippers go into the crusher body, the wood crusher roller rotates with a high speed, and the wood chippers speed up in the air and impact repeatedly to crushed them completely.
3. The wood shavings, wood chips, woodblocks, rice hull, which are not needed to cut, are sent into the crushing entrance directly.

4.Wood crusher application

Suitable material:logs、branch、waste of wood、sawdust、rice hull、efb fiber、pks、opf、bamboo、couch grass、corn and sorghum stalks、wheat straw,etc.
application industry:paper making industry、wood powder making machine、wood pellet plant、boiler heating、BBQ heating、wood chip dryer、biomass indusrty,etc.

6.The spare part pictures

wood crusher blade


wood crusher screen

wood crusher knives

wood crusher knives

7.Wood crusher video

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