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Biomass wood briquette fuel is a new type of environmentally friendly fuel, which is in line with today’s economic strategy of sustainable development. The main component of this new environmentally friendly energy is agricultural and forestry waste. Meanwhile, the flame temperature of high calorific value biomass briquettes can reach 9000 degrees in combustion, with a calorific value of 3700-4700 calories. It is an important biomass fuel, like wood pellets, and has important applications in the boiler industry.

Wood briquettes advantage

Biomass briquettes can be widely adapted to various combustion equipment. Such as biomass boilers, coal-fired boilers, hot air furnaces, heat-conducting oil furnace equipment, etc.

Compared with coal, natural gas and liquefied gas, biomass wood briquette fuel has low cost, easy to purchase raw materials, a wide range of sources, reuse of waste and income generation for farmers.

The production process of biomass briquette fuel adopts clean processing technology, which does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, harmful substances, etc. The gas discharged after combustion is clean and harmless.

Palet Energy Wood briquettes Products:

sawdust briquettes

Sawdust briquettes for sale

rice husk briquettes

Rice husk briquettes for sale

wood briquettes with packaging

Wood briquettes for sale

Qingdao Palet company can produce diameter 6mm-60mm biomass wood briquettes, round briquettes, square briquettes, hexagonal briquettes, hollowand briquettes, and customize the packaging to suit your product needs, from sachets to ton bags. The weight from 5kg-20kg,(10IB-40Ib).

We make and produce wood briquettes in China and Southeast Asia. Delivery available everywhere across Europe and America.

What are wood briquettes used for?

1. Biomass fuel rods can be used to replace traditional solid fuels and partially replace traditional liquid gas fuels, such as coal, oil, etc. Coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, and oil-fired boilers, can all be replaced with fuel rods.

2. Domestic fireplace heating, widely used in residential hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot air furnaces, etc.

3. Widely used in biomass power plants, clean energy, no pollution emissions, reduce pollution

House Fireplace
biomass boiler
biomass furnance
Biomass power plant

We have 2 biomass wood briquette production lines and 2 biomass pellet processing plants in Qingdao, with an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons. Qingdao Palet Machinery is a professional processor of wood pellet machines and biomass pellet production lines, and wood briquette machines, providing customized services to customers.

Are wood briquettes better than logs?

Biomass wood briquettes are processed into a hard and smooth texture, have high calorific value and combustion resistance, are not easy to coke, and produce less pollution. While wood burning will produce coking, and the wood burning time is short, wet wood needs to be dried to burn more fully, otherwise, it is not easy to burn.

Are briquettes made of wood?

The material of briquettes is wood sawdust briquettes, rice husk briquettes, and straw briquettes which have lower calorific value. Raw materials of straw are (corn stalks, wheat straw, cotton straw, rice straw, peanut shells, corn cobs, etc.). The generally higher calorific value of sawdust briquette, which can reach 4500-4800 calories, rice husk briquette calorific value of 4000-4200 calories, and straw briquette calorific value is relatively low, about 3500-3800 calories.

How long do wood briquettes burn?

The lower the moisture content of the wood briquette the longer the burning time, the solid particles burning time is proportional to its diameter squared, that is, the coarser the particles, the longer the burning time. Wood briquette fuels with large porosity are relatively easy to burn and have better combustion performance; briquette fuels with small porosity have poor combustion performance. The greater the density of the particles, the longer the combustion duration.

How do you burn wood briquettes?

Biomass wood briquettes are very easy to ignite. If you use a biomass stove with an automatic igniter, all you need to do is turn on the switch and the biomass stove will automatically ignite the biomass wood blocks within 2 minutes. If your stove does not have an automatic igniter, you can use a manual ignition gun, etc. Also you can use used paper shells, newspapers, alcohol blocks, etc. to speed up the ignition.

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