What are the different types of dryers

The different types of dryers

The dryer has several modes such as mesh belt dryer, drum drying, flash drying and tower drying; the heat source is coal, electricity and gas; the materials have hot air and radiant air in the drying process.

 The hot air rotary drum dryer is the forward movement of the hot air from the tail to fully contact with the materials and make full use of the heat transfer through heat conduction, convection and radiant heat transfer; the heat energy is directly transferred to the materials so that the moisture of the materials is constantly evaporated in the drum, and the air guide device at the inlet draws out a large amount of moisture and wet air to prevent the secondary pollution caused by dust discharge; the material movement is promoted through internal spiral mixing, sweeping and copying to complete the drying process; the counter-current conduction dehumidification to avoid reducing repeated drying procedures.

Rotary drum dryer