Wood pellet plant

Wood pellet production line is Specially designed by our engineers,it includes the whole process of peeling, chipping, drying, grinding, get rid of iron, humidity modulation, granulation, cooling, screening, packaging etc,which produced by biomass pellet(sawdust、stalk、rice hull),It can adjust depending on the actual situation.

EFB pellet plant

EFB pellets are made from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch short fiber and powder. EFB PELLET production line from Qingdao palet machinery can supply 1-5t/H complete and economical EFB pellets making solutions. Palm trees are distributed particularly in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 

Activated carbon production line

Activated carbon rotary kiln is a kind of rotary drum machine, which is used to making high iodine value activated carbon. It is suitable for a variety of material, including coal, coconuts shell, palm kernel shell ,crop residue, and wood chips, etc. It is an compelet and advanced activated carbon making machine at present. 

Long palm fiber production line

Palm long fiber production line includes palm fiber making machine, palm fiber dryer, palm fiber baling machine, etc. It can process the material into long fiber which is used to make mattress, cushion, rope,palm fiber scrubber,ect. It is an compelet and advanced long fiber production line.