Small pellet mill

small pellet mill

Small pellet mill introduction

Through our continuous improvement and innovation, Qingdao palet company have produced high quality small pellet mill for different fiber materials (such as wood chips, rice hulls, cotton stalks, oil palm hulls, etc.), which can be supplied to customers in both flat and conical shape. The cone shape and the flat shape of the cylinder make it possible to achieve the same speed of the two end wires inside the mold, while outside the mold, it avoids clutter and reduces the friction between the template and the cylinder, thus reducing the resistance. Hence the long life of the equipment. 

The pellet machine uses a nut to adjust the distance between the roll and the template die. It can therefore be used for smaller or larger quantities of different raw materials. We use high quality gearboxes to transfer maximum motor power to the working parts of the flat mould pelletizer.
The small pellet mill complies with CE specifications and safety regulations.

Raw material selection for small pellet mill

The small pellet machine is suitable for wood pellets from any agroforestry waste: peanut husks, sugar cane, straw, wood chips, rice straw, rice husks, sunflower straw, cotton straw, tobacco straw, straw waste, etc
Best size: 3 – 4mm
Optimal humidity: 12-14%
If your raw material is logs or lumber, we would recommend using our chipper to chip and then crush to 3 – 4mm with our hammer crusher to fit our machine.
If your raw material moisture exceeds the figure of 12-14%, we recommend that customers use a drying machine to dry their raw material to 12-14% moisture. We can also provide you with air steam dryers and rotary dryers that are well designed and of high quality.

Small pellet mill working principle

Biomass raw materials mainly contain cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin and other substances, its small pellet mill molding mechanism between the die rolls is as follows: the material in the material supply area under the action of gravity tightly on the flat die, when the rollers roll forward, the material into the deformation of the compression zone, then due to squeezing, the raw material particles continue to enter the gap between the particles, the air in the gap is discharged, the mutual position between the particles is constantly updated, the particles between all the larger gaps are gradually occupied by the particles that can enter. 

As the rollers continue to roll, the compacted material enters the extrusion zone, part of the wedge-shaped zone, the tapered part of the die hole and the first half of the die hole all belong to the extrusion zone, where the pressure continues to increase, the particles themselves deform and plastic flow.

They are extended in the direction perpendicular to the maximum main stress, and continue to fill the surrounding smaller voids, due to the increased friction between the rollers and the material generates a lot of heat, resulting in the lignin contained in the material softens, the adhesion increases, the softened lignin and the cellulose inherent in the biomass combine to form the biomass gradually, at which point part of the residual stress is stored inside the forming block, the particles bond firmly but not very stable. The forming block enters the conformal section of the die hole under extrusion, where residual stresses that are not conducive to shape retention are removed and the particles are shaped.

small pellet mill drawing

1、Top body 2、Rack 3、Runner 4、Motor

Small pellet mill drawing and structure

small pellet mill structure

1, frame 2, gearbox (reducer) 3, spindle 4, main body 5, main bearing cover

 6, dump plate 7, flat die 8, cutter 9, pressure wheel assembly 10, washer 

11, nut 12, main body 13, radial ball bearing 14, radial ball bearing 15, taper bearing

Specifications and tenich parameter:

electric small pellet mill

Electric motor flat die pellet mill​

ModelOutput(KG/H) Power Weight(T)Packing Size(mm)
diesel engine small pellet mill

Diesel engine flat die pellet mill​

ModelOutput(KG/H) Power Weight(T)Packing Size(mm)

What is the small pellet mill key parts?

The small pellet mill  dies rollers、gear box. The die and roller are the most wearable parts. The working life of the small pellet mill die is 300-500 hours.  After carburizing and quenching treatment, the hardness is 55-60HRC.




flat die


Small pellet mill applications

Suitable materiallogs、branch、waste of wood、sawdust、rice hull、efb fiber、pks、opf、bamboo、couch grass、corn and sorghum stalks、wheat straw,etc.
application industrypaper making industry、wood powder making machine、wood pellet plant、boiler heating、BBQ heating、wood chip dryer、biomass indusrty,etc.

Small pellet mill videos

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