Sawdust Pellet Plant

sawdust pellet mills plant

Sawdust wood pellet plant video

  The material should be conveyed to the Elevator  by using Screw Conveyor and then take up to Permanent Magnet Tube for removal of iron. After that, the material can directly go into Transition Hopper. And then send the material with rations into Humidifier Conditioner by using Screw conveyer, the material with suitable humidity go into Ring Die Pellet Mill, and after the pelleting process, the material can be changed into cylinder pellet with the diameter of 6mm. 

And then the pellets should be elevated by Elevator and fall down with rations by using Airlock, and then directly go into Cooling Screener, the pellets will be dried into under 10% and cooled into normal temperature. At the same time, the powder will pass through the screener, you can take this part back to the Elevator  for re-pelleting. 

Screened pellets should be elevated to Automatic Packing Weigher by Elevator, after bagged up by Automatic Packing Weigher, these screened pellets should be conveyed by Belt Conveyor and then sealed by Auto Sewing Machine.Extra gas from Cooling Screener can go through Cyclone Separator and get directly into the atmosphere by the effect of Fan, at the same time, the powder material will come out from the bottom of Air Lock and go back for re-pelleting.

  The whole system was controlled by Control Cabinet, the operational buttons for special equipment (such as Air Dryer, Ring Die Pellet Mill)should be set in the equipment user’s factory.

  Under negative pressure, the system can work smoothly with little dust. the whole production line is operated by only 2-3 workers.

Equipment Allocation and Scope of Supply(two Pellet Mills)

Pellet making system
101ElevatorTD36184kw1Material handling equipment, the bucket size: 165*135mm material, nylon.
102Screw conveyorLXU-4004kw1
103Surge bunker6-8m32Buffer storage material, Volume 5 cubic meters, material: Q2353mm
104Screw conveyorLX-2203kw2To control the feeding speed, to achieve material uniformly continuous into the granulator in. Diameter: diameter 220mm transport length: 1650mm: 2t/h: maximum throughput speed variable frequency control
105Wood pellet machinePLT-42R90kw2Biomass granular cold pressure forming machine, specifically for biomass?granular cold compression molding design and manufacture products, feeding device is made of stainless steel, die diameter 420mm, aperture 6-8mm material, stainless steel¡£
106Belt conveyorPD-500*60001.5kw1Conveying equipment, refined bandwidth: 500mm, length: 3000mm, thickness: 8mm, material: Rubber
107Radiator system1Can effectively reduce the granulation chamber temperature, prolong the service life of the pressure roller
Cooling and screening system
201ElevatorTD36184kw1Material handling equipment, the bucket size: 165*135mm material, nylon¡£
202Cooling and Screening machineNKSL14*142.2kw1Dry cooling water reach below 10-13%, whole is carbon steel, with the access door, pull type unloading mechanism, product temperature is not higher than room temperature 5 ¡æ, including screen¡£
203Cyclone separatorXLP-10001To realize the separation of dust and wind. Diameter ¦µ 1000 height: 2500 volume: 12000m3/h
204Off fanZGF-101.1kw x2=2Close the wind reduce wind damage, the strength and material separation. Speed: 33r/min discharging quantity: 10L/
205Fan4-7211kw1Full pressure: 2000a: 6000m3/h: 1450r/min flow speed
Packing system
301ElevatorTD36184kw1Material handling equipment, the bucket size: 165*135mm material, nylon
302Automatic Packing WeigherDK-252.2kw1
303Pellet feed bin8M31
401Control system1The basic three protection, including the frequency. Inverter ABB delta brand, electrical components for CHINT?simens
402Pipe system1
403Steel platform1
404Air compressor0.9m3 1MPa7.5kw1?the user owed
Equipment summary478.1kw
The cable, wire slot tray, and other auxiliary materialsthe user owed
personal training feesfree
Unexpected expensesfree

How to choose wood pellet mill? which is suitable for you?

The most common pellet machine for large sawdust pellet plant is the ring die pellet mill.The basic p elleting principle of the ring die pellet mill is a simple operation where feed mass is distributed over the inner surface of a rotating, perforated die ahead of each roll, which compresses the feed mass and compresses it into the die holes to form pellets.So the main parts in pellet mill is very important.When purchasing the pellet mills, it is better to consider the all-around situation of your pellet production and find a suitable pellet mill.

The ring die pellet mill uses transducer control material feeding, has over loading protector, outboard discharging mechanism. Push-brace oil pump lubricating gear, quick and saving labor, safe and reliable, can realize to refuel without stopping the engine. It is also suitable to high-quality animal and poultry feed, aquatic product feed and other materials pellets. So the ring die pellet mill maintenance is sample, you can operate it according to instructions. It is the best choice for the sawdust pellet plant.

How to Correctly Operate Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill ?

we prepare the teaching videos in terms of installation, operation, parts replacements, repair and maintenance parts. And 7/24 email and phone call service is available.