Sawdust Flash Dryer

Advatage and Features

  • Sawdust flash dryer has a compact structure, the floor area is 20-100m2, easy to install and maintenance.
  • The large intensity of drying, Powerful drying.
  • The drying length from 80-100m.
  • The drying time is short, the wind speed is 15-20m/s.
  • Large Handling Capacity, High Heat Efficiency, Efficiency is 85%.
  • it is a type of sawdust dryer, and it is for home use, farm, and small factory.
sawdust flash dryer

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Sawdust flash dryer machine specification and tenich parameter

sawdust flash dryer for pellet
Modelcapacity(KG/H)Power(KW)Area(M2)Thermal efficiency(%)

Introduction of sawdust dryer

 Sawdust flash dryer also is named airflow pipe dryer, wood powder dryer, airflow dryer, pipe dryer. the dryer diameter is 200mm-1000mm, the length is totally of 80-100 meters. It is a type of biomass dryer, and it is different from the sawdust rotary dryer, is specially designed for drying sawdust and wood powder with a moisture content of below 55%. And it is an important part of the pellet plant, and the quality of the material has an impact on pelletizing with pellet mill.

It is widely used to the biomass industry, wood pellet, wood briquettes, wood powder for wood plastic composites(WPC), incense industry, paper industry, pet pellet industry, etc.

sawdust flash dryer
1hot air furnace4removing stone dryer7air flow drying tower
2sawdust hopper5pipes8cyclone separator
3screw feeder6fan9thermocouple

The priciple of sawdust airflow dryer

Sawdust flash dryer mainly contains the hot air stove, heavy objects separator, drying pipe, drying fan, airflow buffer, cyclone separator, belt conveyor, surge bunker, quantitative feeding machine, etc. Using a quantitative feeding machine to send the wet sawdust and wood powder into the air drying tube continuously, hot gases move through the air drying tuber in direct contact with the wet wood sawdust, during dispersion of the high-speed hot air, the moisture of sawdust is lost, then the sawdust is dried.

How to choose the sawdust dryer

Sawdust flash dryer can reduce the sawdust moisture content from 45% to 12%.from 15%-3%, It depends on the information, if you make wood pellets,wood briquettes,etc. The dryer can reduce the moisture from 45% to 12%, if you make wood powder, it can reduce moisture from15%-3%.

It is different from the sawdust rotary dryer, the rotary dryer has a large capacity from 1000-5000kg per hour. The capacity of the sawdust airflow dryer is less than 2000kg per hour, wood powder production capacity is less than1000kg per hour.

The efficiency of the sawdust/powder flash dryer is about 85%. So it is considered as the most inexpensive sawdust dryer, which is highly recommended for small wood pellets, small wood briquettes production, etc.

Structure of sawdust flash dryer(pictures)

sawdust flash dryer plant

Sawdust flash dryer plant

wood powder dryer

Sawdust airflow dryer install

air flow drying tower

air flow drying tower

air flow drying tower processing

air flow drying tower processing

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