Rotary Sludge Dryer

rotary sludge dryer

1.Rotary sludge dryer specification and tenich parameter

ModelSpecification (m)Capacity(T/h)Rotate speed(r/min)Power(kw)Install angle(°)weight(T)

2.Introduction of rotary sludge dryer

The production of municipal sludge is increasing day by day, and the disposal and exploitation of sludge is a growing concern.

Sludge drum dryer is a very mature rotary dryer equipment, suitable for drying sludge, magnetic, heavy and floating concentrates of metal and non-metallic ores and clay of cement industry and many other industries. It is characterized by high productivity and easy operation. The cylinder is a horizontal rotating cylinder, and its interior is welded with various kinds of coping plates with different angles from front to back. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, excellent production, high output, low energy consumption and convenient operation. In addition, after years of unremitting efforts, Qingdao PALET machinery R&D department can make boiler exhaust gas as the heat source for sludge dryer and successfully launch the dryer using boiler exhaust gas. It is no investment for heat supply and no cost for heat use. True energy-saving drying, real energy-saving and environmental protection

3.Rotary sludge dryer application

Sludge dryer can be widely used in activated sludge drying, sewage sludge drying, petrochemical sludge drying, paper sludge drying, printing and dyeing sludge drying, tannery sludge drying, electroplating sludge drying, municipal sludge drying, biological fermentation sludge and other kinds of sludge and various kinds of dregs and other high wet materials drying.

sludge drum dryer

4.Sludge drum dryer advantage and feature

Sludge drum dryer is specially developed and designed for sludge, a type of material with high moisture, high viscosity, high water-holding capacity and low calorific value, etc. Special design has been made on the simplified internal structure of the dryer, which not only improves the thermal efficiency, but also effectively avoids the phenomenon of sludge sticking and over-drying in the dryer.

New sludge dryer features: 1, high efficiency and energy saving sludge dryer, sludge dryer with new transmission device, compared with the general sludge dryer, saving coal consumption of nearly 20%, saving costs for customers, is to create value for our customers. 2, green environmental protection sludge dryer, sludge dryer using multi-stage purification and dust removal equipment, to achieve and higher than the national requirements of environmental protection standards, to reduce the pollution of equipment for the environment.

sludge drum dryer in factory

5.The principle of the sludge drum dryer

Sludge dryer, which can dry materials with 90% water content to finished products at one time. In view of the characteristics of the sludge drying process, it has changed the structure of the general single-channel dryer and adopted the combined self-cleaning device, which greatly extends the application range of the single-channel dryer and can dry not only all kinds of sludge but also all kinds of high viscosity materials.

The sludge is fed from the feeder through the chute into the guide plate inside the dryer, and with the rotation of the barrel, the sludge is guided to the inclined lifting plate which is lifted to the center of the barrel and gradually spilled to form a material curtain, from which the high temperature airflow passes through to preheat the sludge and evaporate some water. When the sludge spills and moves to the movable grate type wing plate, the material is intermingled with the preheated grate type wing plate, and the heat is transferred to the material to make part of the water evaporate. 

At the same time, the wing plate entrainment material lift, spill, repeat many times, the material and hot airflow convection and contact heat exchange. At the same time, the sweeping device buried in the material also slips along the inner side of the circular lifting plate, sweeping down the material adhering to the inner wall of the lifting plate. When the sweeping device with the barrel after the vertical line, and in the back of the circular arc lifting plate dragging, will adhere to the lifting plate outside the wall of the material sweep down. With the continuous rotation of the cylinder, some water evaporates and the sludge is further dried. At the same time, the sweeping device also plays a role in breaking the sludge ball, which improves the drying speed, and finally the dried sludge becomes loose material with low moisture and is discharged from the discharge port.

sludge dryer

6.Sludge drying process

step1: rotary sludge dryer structure

The rotary sludge dryer is mainly composed of induced draft fan, dispersing device, belt loader, feeder, rotary drum, heat source, belt discharger, discharger and power distribution cabinet. Therefore, the working area of single channel sludge dryer includes discharge area, inclined lifting plate area, cleaning area and guide area composition

step2: Convey material ·

the guide zone, wet sludge into this zone and high temperature hot air contact quickly evaporate water, the material in the large guide angle of the copying plate copying, not bonded into the next work area.

step3:sludge drying process

clean-up area, wet sludge in this area is copied up by the copying plate to form a material curtain state, when the material falls down, it is easy to form a phenomenon of adhesion to the drum wall, in this area, because the equipment is designed with a cleaning device, the cleaning device is very reasonable to clean up the material adhering to the inner wall, in this process, the cleaning device for the material ball
The cleaning device also plays a role in breaking the material agglomerates, thus increasing the heat exchange area and improving the drying rate.

step4: the sludge separate from the exhaust air

the inclined lifting plate area, wet sludge in this area has been a low moisture loose state, the material in this area no longer has the bonding phenomenon, after the heat exchange of the material to achieve the required moisture state, into the final discharge area.

step5: enters into the sludge conveyor

the discharge area, the drum in this area is not set to copy the plate, the material in this area rolling glide to the discharge port, complete the whole drying process.

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