Rotary drum screener

rotary drum screener

Rotary screener introduction

Rotary drum screener (also known as rotary screening machine, cylinder screen, rotary sifter), its main structure is a circular screening drum, consisting of a number of circular barrel screen, the whole and the ground plane into an inclined state, the angle of 2-4 °. Rotary screen is divided into open and sealed 2 types: sealed external sealed by the seal isolation cover, in order to prevent pollution of the environment; open without the upper dust sealing device, open structure.

Rotary screener structure

The rotary drum screener is composed of a series of parts such as frame, motor, reducer, (reducer box), transmission mechanism, spindle, bearing seat, screening drum, screen, inlet, discharge hopper, discharge conveyor, etc.

Among them, the frame is made of high quality carbon steel material welded. The reduction gearbox can choose gear reducer, or cycloid reducer. The transmission mechanism is generally made of gear drive, sprocket drive, and belt drive, three forms. Screening drum and screen material, can be carbon steel and stainless steel. It is made of flat iron and seamless steel pipe, or round steel, welded together. The bottom conveyor for conveying coarse and fine materials can be customized according to customer requirements.

rotary screening machine

Rotary drum screener working principle

The rotary drum screener is driven by a reduction system to rotate the screening drum at a specific speed, and the material is tumbled from top to bottom until it is separated by the screening drum, and the fine and coarse materials are automatically discharged from their respective discharge ports.

To prevent screen mesh hole blockage, it can be installed comb-type sieve cleaning mechanism (similar to the structure of the brush) or vibrating device, uninterrupted beat the screen mesh. So as to achieve the effect of uninterrupted cleaning of the screen body, so that the screening drum is always clean during the whole working process, not sticky, not blocked, and does not affect the screening effect.

 Rotary sifter can screen up to 4 levels of materials, the screen device in the drum is divided into 4 sections, the order is from top to bottom from fine to coarse.

Qingdao PALET rotary screening machine in the screening process, the running speed is slow and uniform, working very smoothly, almost no vibration action, simple installation of equipment, can be placed directly on the flat ground or under the silo, and other related equipment to form a production line. The machine is easy to maintain and has a long service life.

rotary screen

Application of rotary screener

Rotary drum screener is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, coal, metallurgy, electric power, coking plant and other industries, it overcomes the problem of easy blockage of the screen mesh mesh when the general circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen are screened to handle materials with high moisture content and easy stickiness, with high screening output and excellent reliability.

For example: in the stone quarry for different size of stone classification, as well as soil and stone powder separation; sand and stone separation in sand and gravel quarries; coal industry for lump coal and coal powder separation and coal washing (part of coal washing machinery); chemical industry, mineral processing industry, organic fertilizer industry, biomass industry for the classification of large and small lump materials and so on.

Rotary drum screener specification and parameter

ModelSize(m)Angle(°)Speed(r/min)Mesh size(mm)Material max size(mm)Capacity(m³/h)Power(kw)