Rolling sifter

Rolling sifter introduction

The rolling sifter is also called roto-sifter, rolling bolting mill and is the common equipment used in the compound fertilizer production, mainly used for the separation of the end product and the returning charge. It has the advantages of good bolting, simple construction, easy operation and smooth work.

1600 rolling sifter

Rolling sifter working principles and structure

  1. The rolling sifter structure is as the chart said, including the turning pot made of metal sifter, driving device, supporting, the frame and the sifter.    
  2. The rolling sifter working principle. The turning pot is leanly supported by the self- aligning bearing on each side, and the electrical machinery drives the central axle through the speed reducer to make the pot rotate. There’s the feeder on the higher part of the pot, undersize sieve on the front, end product siee in the middle, and the discharging in the end. The materials rotate with the pot, attached to the sifter with the centrifugal force and drop down with the gravity. In the meantime, they move forward, the fines will drop into the fines exit through the undersize sieve, and the end product will drop into the end materival exit while the coarse materials are kept in the pot and discharged from the end.

Rolling sifter operation and maintenance

  1. Before operation, we should check if the screws are tightened, the foot is buried, the oil level of the speed reducer is suitable. Move the sieve with the hand to see if there are any obstacles. When there’s no mistake at all, the machine can be electrified and have a blank run.                                 
  2. The blank run should lasts 10-15 minutes. The check should be taken that if the equipment moves regularly, if the electrical machinery is too hot and if the bearing has special noise. If there’s any problem, the machine should be stopped. The materials could be put in only when you’re sure that there’s no trouble at all.                                                                                                                                                                                             
  3. Start with materials in is forbidden. Clean the sifter in time if there are blocks in order to raise the yield.
  4. The bearing and the lubrication of the speed reducer should be checked regularly. Filling the lubricating oil or grease or change the bearing if necessary.
  5. The screws of the speed reducer, the bearing stand and the driving axle should be tightened regularly.

Rolling sifter advantage

1、Highly integrated: In addition to the finished material stacking belt machine, all systems are integrated in an integrated framework, which not only ensures the integrity of the equipment but also leaves a moderate maintenance and inspection space. Highly integral for easy storage at the construction site or transit, convenience and safety.

2、 Reliability: The core screening system adopts the mixing principle of mixer, the raw materials are subjected to continuous spiral blade tumbling, pushing and mutual friction between the materials in the mixing cylinder, which has a strong natural high reliability.


3、 Rolling the sieve cylinder flat, to ensure that the material flow in the sieve cylinder spiral blade between the rolling sieve more than four turns, so that the sand material repeatedly rolling to fully disperse and sieve. Unlike tilting roller screen or tilting vibrating screen caused by the size of the material to squeeze each other or large material to support the vibration of small material caused by the phenomenon of incomplete screening, mixed material.


4. Economy of use.


  The storage hopper has a capacity of 8M, so that the loader can arrange the loading time between the main equipment (such as mixing plant) and the stone washing machine, avoiding the loader to change positions frequently between different loading points and raw materials.


  The screen is connected with replaceable pieces, so that it is easy to replace or replace the screen with different size holes after wear.


   According to the different requirements of users, the raw material sand sieve can be divided into three levels of finished products, such as Chengde Municipal Corporation three levels of finished products: ≤5mm, ≤35mm, >35mm


rolling sifter

Rolling sifter applications

The roller screen is easy to close the dust collection, small maintenance, simple maintenance, long service life. It is the equipment often used in sawdustwood chips, straw, grass, refractory materials, coal, river sand grading, sand and gravel block grading.

Rolling sifter parameter

ModelSpecification (mm)Capacity(m3/h)Power(kw)Rotate speed(r/min)

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