• This model uses a strong gear box transmission system, has ideal transmission efficiency, rotation steady, output high, noise low, no oil leak pollution, maintenance cost low;
  • This model has φ1.5-φ12mm many kinds of aperture and thickness link model; the user can wilfully select according to different need to obtain the best technology and economic efficiency;
  • Fixed stainless steel pelletizing knife equipment, adjustment is more intuitionistic; Quick-discharge anchor ear link model, can match coordinated type pressure roller regulating mechanism and link mold hoisting equipment;
  • we have gear box and belt transmission pellet mill for sale.
ring die pellet mill

Specifications and tenich parameter:

gear box transmission pellet mill

Gear box transmission pellet mill

ModelOutput(KG/H) Powerfeed power Die size(mm)Packing Size(mm)
belt transmission pellet mill

Belt transmission pellet mill

ModelOutput(KG/H) Powerfeed power Die size(mm)Packing Size(mm)
PLT-35RB600-800 30*2=60kw1.5kw3501800*2000*1500
PLT-40RB800-1000 45*2=90kw2.2kw4002200*2280*1650
PLT-45RB1000-1500 55*2=110kw2.2kw4502400*2351*1810

Questions About Ring Die Pellet Mill

The pellet mill application

Wood materiallogs, branch, waste of wood, wood sharving, wood powder, wood blocks, sawdust,etc.
Biomass materialsincluding rice husk, bamboo, peanuts shell, straw, sugarcane, miacanthus, alfalfa, grass, corn and sorghum stalks,etc.

What is the different between flat die and ring die pellet mill?

  1. The working principle is different. How does a ring die pellet mill make wood pellet? The material goes into the pelletizing chamber by the force-feeding screw, and the feed mass is distributed over the inner surface of a rotating, and then the pellet mill roller compresses it into the die holes to form pellets. The flat die pellet mill adopts vertical principle, the raw materials drop down by its own weight into the pelletizing chamber where they are compressed between the rollers and die to form pellets by going through the die holes.

2. The ring die pellet mill design: it is uses transducer control material feeding, has over loading protector, outboard discharging mechanism. Push-brace oil pump lubricating gear, quick and saving labor, safe and reliable, can realize to refuel without stopping the engine. It is also suitable to high-quality animal and poultry feed, aquatic product feed and other materials pellets. So the ring die pellet mill maintenance is sample, you can operate it according to instructions.

3. The capacity is different. The output capability of the flat die pellet mill ranges from around 100 to 700 kg /h, and the ring die pellet mill can produce around 600-2000kg/h.

4. The price is different.  The price of the ring die pellet mill is higher than the flat die pellet mill. How to select a pellet mill? When purchasing the pellet mills, it is better to consider the all-around situation of your pellet production and find a suitable pellet mill. If you use it at home or in the farm, you can choose the flat die pellet mill, if you use it in the factory for commerce, you can choose the ring die pellet mill.

This is the flat die pellet mill

This is the ring die pellet mill

What are the main parts in Ring die pellet mill?

The Ring Die Pellet Mill Roller、Gear Box、Ring Die Model. The die and roller are the most wearable parts. The working life of the flat die is 5000-8000 tons.

ring die pellet mill roller



pellet mill ring die


How to Correctly Operate Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill ?

we prepare the teaching videos in terms of installation, operation, parts replacements, repair and maintenance parts. And 7/24 email and phone call service is available.