Rice husk pellet machine

rice husk pellet machine

Rice husk pellet machine introduction

PLT series of rice husk pellet machine is the main machine of pressing granule rice husk. It is widely used in industrial production such as animal feedstuff,  wood pellet millwood pellet plant,  etc. This series of rice husk pellet mill with multiple options of aperture circular moulds,have different diameter of aperture like 6mm,8mm and 10mm to choice.

There are two types pellet machines, flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Before the rice husk is pelletized, the material need to be crushed. The size after hammer mill proceeing is about below 5mm, it can improve the efficieny of rice husk pellet mill.

Rice husk pellet machine advantage

It with compact structure and nice performance,high capacity.

low power consumption, convenient to use and reliable.

The feeder adopts frequency electric motor to control feeding,it setting up overload protection device,outer discharging mechanism and pressure oil pump lubrication system.

Flat die rice husk pellet machine parameter

electric flat die pellet mill

Electric flat die pellet machine

ModelOutput(KG/H) Power Weight(T)Packing Size(mm)
diesel engine flat die pellet mill

Diesel engine flat die pellet mill​

ModelOutput(KG/H) Power Weight(T)Packing Size(mm)

Ring die rice pellet machine parameter and specification

gear box transmission pellet mill

ring die rice husk pellet mill

ModelOutput(KG/H) Powerfeed power Die size(mm)Packing Size(mm)

Rice husk pellets performance

external dimensions: diameter φ6mm-φ12mm

Ratio Heavy: 1000-1200kg/ m3

Hot Value: 3500-3800kcaI/kg

rice husk pellet

How to make rice husk pellet?

 The first step is to dry the rice husk until the moisture is around 15%. The wetter of the material,  it will affect the final quality of the rice husk pellets. You can make use of the dryer so that you can get the ideal moisture quickly. Or you can dry it naturally if you get enough sunshine.

The second step you have to do is to crush the rice husk. Rice husk in its original form is not suitable for direct processing with a rice husk pellet machine. When you grind it down to a small powder with the crusher, and the material size is below 5mm, the granulation rate and the rice husk pellet quality are much better.

rice husk pellets

In the final step, you have to get your rice husk pellet mill or rice husk pellet production line ready. A small pellet machine will be enough if it’s just for your own use at home. In the case of pellet plants, large machines and related equipment can be taken.

Rice husk enters the pellet machine by conveyor and is pressed into 6-10mm cylindrical pellets by the resistance between the pellet mill die and the rollers ,and finally conveyed to the silo by conveyor.

The pictures of rice husk pellet machine and spare parts

pellet mill main shaft

pellet mill shaft

rice husk pellet mill

rice husk pellet mill

pellet mill die

pellet mill die

pellet mill rollers

rice husk pellet mill rollers

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