Paper pellet machine

paper pellet machine

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Paper pellet machine introduction

Many of the used newspapers, cartons in the household need to be recycled and most of the household paper is recycled in the recycling factory to make new newspapers or cartons. But these raw materials can also be made into paper pellets. Paper pellets can be used as cat litter, as absorbent particles and as color removal pellets.

There are three stages in the production of paper pellets, the crushing stage, the pelletize stage and the drying stage.

The paper crusher

The paper crusher is a machine that crushes all kinds of waste paper, newspaper, cardboard, cardboard boxes, office paper, using high-speed rotating hammer blades to shatter materials. It has simple structure, high versatility, high productivity and safety in use. 

In the crushing chamber, the rotor rotates at high speed, and the material is crushed into fine particles by the impact of the hammer and the friction of the tooth plate. And then the papers leak through the sieve,  at last the paper sucked by the centrifugal fan to the storage bag or collection chamber.

The paper crusher parameter

paper crusher machine

The paper pellet mill

After the paper is crushed, the size is less than 5mm, goes into the small paper pellet machine, the paper pellet machine’s pressure roller is tapered, so that the two ends of the machine is consistent with the inner and outer coils of the die plate.

There will be no friction between the pressure roller and the mold misalignment, reduce resistance, reduce kinetic energy loss, extend the life of the mold. The center screw is used to adjust the pressure, the three axes end of the auxiliary pressure mechanism, the mold gap of the pellet mill is suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect. 

The pressure roller adopts a wide groove and pressure-bearing and wear-resistant structure. The presses are evenly distributed and run smoothly, and the press area is increased to improve productivity. Formed paper pellets 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm in diameter

The paper pellet mill specifation and parameter

ModelOutput(KG/H) Power Weight(T)Packing Size(mm)
paper pellet mill

The paper pellet drying process

After the paper pellets are pressed and shaped, they need to be dried. When the pellet machine presses the pellet, the moisture is 16%-20%, the final paper pellet moisture content is less than 10%, can be natural drying method, can also use drying equipment.

The paper pellet machine advantage

1, The pellet machine feeds vertically, no forced feeder is required.
2, The paper pellet machine die is stationary, the pressure wheel rotates, the material is centrifuged, evenly distributed around.
3, Paper pellet machine abrasives up and down dual-use, reduce costs and increase efficiency.
4, Ring-shaped mold, vertical structure, conducive to heat dissipation and cooling in the granulation chamber.
5, Independent variable frequency output device of paper pellet machine to ensure the forming rate of the pellet.

The paper pellet machine spare parts

paper crusher blade and screen

paper crusher blade and screen

paper pellet mill die and roller

paper pellet mill die and roller

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