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Palm Fiber Dryer Machine specification and parameter

compelete palm fiber dryer
ModelSpecification (m)Capacity(kg/h)Rotate speed(r/min)Power(kw)Install angle(°)weight(T)

Introduction of Oil Palm Fibre Dryer Machine

Oil Palm Fibre is made from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch by palm fiber making machine. It could be used to make the mattress, cushions, rope, palm fiber scrubber, etc. Palm Fiber Dryer Machine is a kind of rotary drum dryer, and it specially designed for drying oil palm fiber. Qingdao palet is always committed to supplying complete and economical Oil Palm Fiber making solutions.

palm fiber dryer flow chart
1elevator5heat exchanger9palm fiber dryer
2palm kenrel shell hopper6draft fan10draft fan
3feeding screw7chimney11cyclone
4pks carbon furnace8feeding conveyor12discharging conveyor

Oil Palm Fibre specifition

long palm fiber
length : 50-350mm
Initial moisture content:55%-60%%     
Final moisture content:12%

The Principle of the palm fiber drying machine

The palm fiber to be dried enter into the dry zone of special combination plates are thrown by drying plate for vertical movement because of angle difference and rotational motion of the drying plate. After making heat exchange with the materials, the high-temperature furnace gas discharged into the cylinder evaporate water and dry the material. After drying, the moisture content of oil palm fiber can be reduced to about 12% from about 65%.

Oil Palm Fibre drying process

step1: generate high temperature air

The production line can use the biomass burner, gas burner, the palm fiber dryer machine is suitable for a variety of heat sources,but the best choice is the pks carbon kiln, it is used to burn the palm kernel shell, and generate high-temperature air for the drying the same time, it can generate the palm kernel shell carbon, which is a high-quality material of activated carbon.

step2: Convey material

The quantitative Belt Conveyor sends wet oil palm fiber into the inlet feeder. and the inlet feeder can prevent cold wind from entering the rotary drum dryer, at the same time, it sends wet oil palm long fiber into the designed palm fiber dryer machine. The blowing Draft Fan makes the high temperature air exchange to the low temperature air, and the clean air dries the wet oil palm fruit fiber strongly, and get rid of much of the water quickly.

step3:drying the palm fiber

The material smoothly inflows the palm fiber dryer together with the hot air. The Special Designed Rotary Dryer is designed according to the features of the wet oil palm fiber. Rotary dryer supply the plenty and large drying space, The material is evenly dispersed in its special inner structure ,which increases the heat contact area between the high temperature air and wet oil palm fruit fiber as much as possible.

And then the dryer can have better heat exchanging efficiency,Low energy cost,and cleanliness, the first area is the fast dryer zone with high temperature, the middle zone is the steady drying area, the last zone is the cooling arear with low temperature, in the first step the water is evaporated into water vapor, and finally the moisture content of wet oil palm fruit fiber is reduced from 60%-65% to be about 12%. and It takes about 20-30 minutes.

step4: the palm fiber separate from the exhaust air

The Draft Fan makes the high temperature level air right into the palm fiber rotary dryer, and Speed up the movement of materials and air forward, and make the completely dry oil palm fiber and also exhaust air out of the rotary drum dryer, and after that goes into the cyclone separator, which is a device for separating raw materials and waste air. 

The completely dry oil palm fruit fiber is separated from the exhaust air, then drops down to the bottom of cyclone separator, after that goes into the outlet feeder and drops onto the outlet belt conveyor. The exhaust air goes into the air pipe from the top of the cyclone separator, and finally enters into the environment through the draft meets local environmental standards.

step5: enters into the palm fiber baling machine

The dry oil palm Fruit fiber is delivered to the palm fiber baler machine by the Outlet Belt Conveyor, at last, the fiber is 100-150 kgs/bale.

Advatage and Features

  • Palm fiber dryer machine from Palet Machinery is specially designed of mix and conveyor structure to maximize heating transfer between the material and hot air stream
  • Low energy cost, low resistance, stainable, low cost of operation
  • Adopts the means of cylinder marginal transmission, flange connection, direct heat transfer
  • It works with the palm fiber making machine and the palm fiber baler
  • Large capacity and full automatics of temperature

Details show

first section of palm fiber dryer

First section of palm fiber dryer in Malaysia

second section of palm fiber dryer

Second section of palm fiber dryer in Malaysia

palm fiber baling machine

palm fiber baling machine

the cyclone of palm fiber dryer

The cyclone of palm fiber dryer

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