long palm fiber production line

palm long fiber production line

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Palm long fiber production line introduction

Palm long fiber production line includes palm fiber making machine, palm fiber dryer, palm fiber baling machine, etc. It can process the material into long fiber which is used to make the mattress, cushion, rope, palm fiber scrubber, etc. It is a complete and advanced long fiber production line.

Long palm fiber production line process(flow chart)

palm long fiber process

Long palm fiber production line equipment list

1belt conveyor6feeding screw11palm fiber dryer
2palm fiber machine7pks carbon furnace12draft fan
3screener8heat exchanger13cyclone
4elevator9draft fan14discharging conveyor
5palm kenrel shell hopper10feeding conveyor15palm fiber baling machine

Long palm fiber making machine

palm fiber machine

Oil Palm Fibre is the by-product of palm oil extraction, Oil Palm Fiber opening Machine by Palet Machinery is specially designed for making long fiber. The extracted fiber length can reach 50-350mm, It needs several devices to get clean long palm fiber: belt conveyor, coconut /palm open silk machine, sieving machine, outlet belt conveyor :

1. Belt conveyor sends empty fruit bunch(EFB) and coconut shell into palm fiber making machine.
2. Through multiple flights The rotor roller of the knife rotates at high speed, the machine will separate the crushed coconut shell and the coconut fiber. The rotor roller of the knife rotates has at high speed, which ensures high quality of palm fiber.

Long palm fiber dryer

first section of palm fiber dryer

Oil Palm Fibre is made from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch by palm fiber making machine. It could be used to make the mattress, cushions, rope, palm fiber scrubber, etc. Palm Fiber Dryer Machine is a kind of rotary drum dryer, and it specially designed for drying oil palm fiber. Qingdao palet is always committed to supplying complete and economical Oil Palm Fiber making solutions.

The palm fiber to be dried enter into the dry zone of special combination plates are thrown by drying plate for vertical movement because of angle difference and rotational motion of the drying plate. After making heat exchange with the materials, the high-temperature furnace gas discharged into the cylinder evaporate water and dry the material. After drying, the moisture content of oil palm fiber can be reduced to about 12% from about 65%.

Long palm fiber baler

palm fiber baling machine

The palm fiber baler is composed of four sets of wire devices installed on a frame. The whole wireframe hangs a central shaft of the compression frame and moves horizontally relative to the compression frame under the action of the hydraulic motor.

 The compression frame is a welded member with wheels at the bottom and can move horizontally along the main slide rail under the push of the hydraulic cylinder. The lifting platform is mainly made of two horizontal beam bolts, and the lifting platform can move up and down along the vertical direction under the push of two hydraulic cylinders.

The structure of the compression frame is basically similar to that of the compression frame, but it is arranged with 4 bales and 1 set of feeding wire devices. Palm fiber baling machine has 4 Baotou, which is the whole equipment structure complex, action chain many parts, each Palm fiber baling machine Baotou structure is exactly the same, interchangeable.

 A total of 4 sets of the feeding line devices, each set corresponding to a punch head, each set includes packing line conveying device and packing line reverse tension device. The main rail seat of Palm fiber baler is mainly composed of two wear-resistant rails on the surface. The wheel of the press frame is guided to run along the outer side of the two tracks, and the hydraulic cylinder cloth that pushes the press frame to run is placed in it. In addition, apart from the mechanical structure, There’s a whole hydraulic station outside.

The palm fiber production line pictures

palm fiber screener

palm fiber screener

palm fiber baling machine

palm fiber baler

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