Large gears

large gears

Large gear introduction

What is commonly referred to as large and small gears are measured from the surface. First of all, from the size of the gear, the most obvious size is the size of its diameter, which should be correctly the size of its top circle diameter. A large gear is a gear with a relatively large diameter of the top circle of the teeth.

Application of large gears

Large gear is a key component of steel ball mill, rotary dryer, cone crusher, large slewing bearing and other equipment. It is widely used in coal, chemical, cement, compound fertilizer and other industries with complex environment.

The huge gears on the market can be divided into three forms according to the working conditions: ① open drive gear (gear leakage, suitable for low-speed occasions, such as concrete mixing equipment) ② closed drive gear (closed in a rigid box, well lubricated, such as reducer type) ③ semi-open drive (between open drive and closed drive).

open and closed drive gear

open and closed drive gear used in rotary drum

Classification of gears

1.Spur gears: Also known as drive gears, these are the most widely used gears in the drive train.
2.Segmented gears: Used in applications where the size is particularly large, or where the gears need to be separated during installation, generally used in large rotary drums parts.
3.Helical gears: They are superior to straight gears and have a compact center distance. Used for high speed and heavy load, generally used in large gearboxes
4.Bevel gears: Bevel gear are often used for the transmission of two vertical shafts, but also adapt to other angles of the transmission of two shafts. Such as machine tools, ships are often used
5.Internal gear: When the output shaft steering and input shaft steering the same, the use of internal gear transmission
6.Gear plate (end gear): generally used as indexing device, MCT, CNC lathe turret tool holder, equal indexing table applications

We manufacture a range of custom large gears

Large spur gears

Large spur gears are widely used in rotary drum dryers and ball mills, with the advantages of smooth transmission and high efficiency.

Segmented gears

For gears larger than 4 meters in diameter, or because of easy installation, the gears must be made into several pieces

Large helical gears

Large helical gear mounted on a three-stage cylindrical gear reducer

Internal gear

Internal large gear in the center and external spur gear, used for crushers with large speed ratio and high precision

Gear plate

Gear plate are used on the side walls on both sides of the hammer mill to improve the efficiency of the crusher

Bevel gear

Large bevel gear is used in forging equipment

Huge gears processing equipment

Qingdao Palet machinery can cast single piece of steel parts of various materials below 5 tons, and has 4 sets of vertical lathes of 4 meters in diameter and 3 sets of gear hobbing machines of 5 meters in diameter, etc.. Products are casted and processed by ourselves.

large gear processing
huge gears processing