Industrial gearbox types

Industrial gearbox, a power transmission mechanism, which uses the mutual meshing of gears to reduce the speed of the motor to the speed required by the actuator and to increase the torque. The most important purpose of industrial gearbox is to reduce the rotational speed and increase the torque.The following mainly introduces several common reducers as well as the solutions available from gearbox.

Different Types of Industrial Gearbox

Mainly single stage gearbox,two stage gearbox,3 stage gearbox, in accordance with national standards for production.

1.The main features of gearbox:gears are made of high quality alloy steel refined by normalizing and carburizing, gear hardness reaches HRC58-62; high transmission efficiency; high precision, good contact, large bearing capacity, long service life; smooth running, low noise; applicable to forward and reverse rotation.

2.Gearbox applications:Widely used in heavy machineryand equipment, widely used in Energy, rubber, cement, plastics, mining,metallurgical machinery, lifting, construction, transportation and other industries, such as , crusher,plastic extruders, crushing machinery, rotary dryer,plastic extruders.

Motor gearbox

Main types of motor gearbox: R series helical inline gearmotor;F series helical parallel shaft gearmotor;K series helical bevel gearmotor; S series helical worm gearmotor. motor gearbox is produced in accordance with national standards and is coupled by a drag motor and a gear reducer.  It adopts the modular design idea and has wide adaptability.

1. Main features: produced in accordance with national standards, modular design, easy installation; wide range of transmission ratios; high strength, small volume; low noise, long life; can withstand large radial loads.

2.Widely used in food industry, logistics, transportation, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, medical, health care massage and other general mechanical equipment of the reduction drive mechanism, such as logistics conveyor, cyclone dust collector, packaging machinery, printing machinery, corrugated machinery, color box machinery, food machinery, three-dimensional parking equipment, automatic storage machinery, etc.

R series helical gearmotor

R series helical inline gearmotor

Transmission power 0.18~160kw, ratio 3.83~220

F series parallel shaft gearmotor

F series helical parallel shaft gearmotor

Transmission power 0.18~200kw, ratio 3.8~267

K series bevel gearmotor

K series helical bevel gearmotor

Transmission power 0.18~200kw, ratio 3.8~267

S series helical-worm gearmotor

S series helical worm gearmotor

Transmission power 0.18~22kw, ratio 10~230

Cycloidal gearbox

Cycloidal gearbox is a novel transmission device that applies the planetary transmission principle and uses cycloid needle tooth meshing.

1.The main features are: high speed ratio and high efficiency; compact structure; smooth operation and low noise; reliable use and long life.

2.Mainly used in lifting and transportation, mining and metallurgy, petrochemical machinery, textile printing and dyeing, food and pharmaceutical, rubber and plastic, packaging machinery, beer machinery, road construction machinery, environmental protection machinery, grain and oil machinery.

cycloidal gearbox

Cycloidal gearbox

High speed ratio, high efficiency

cycloidal gearbox structure

Cycloidal gearbox structure

Uses cycloid needle tooth meshing

Extruder gearbox

Plastic extruder gearbox

 Plastic extruder gearbox

Rotational speed<1500r/min,Working environment temperature-5~35℃

Produced in accordance with national standards.

  1. The main features are: the gears are processed by carburizing and quenching processes, and the gears have high precision and high hardness. The whole machine has the characteristics of small volume, high bearing capacity, smooth transmission, low noise and high efficiency.
  2. Mainly used in plastic, rubber screw extruder, plastic extruder, meltblown cloth production and other special machinery transmission, etc.

Custom Gearboxes

Compared with standard gearboxes, custom gearboxes do show significant advantages in many aspects.
First, from the perspective of performance characteristics, custom gearboxes have many unique advantages. When faced with diverse requirements such as size, material, speed, etc., custom gearboxes can be flexibly designed according to specific needs to ensure that the performance of the gearbox can reach the best state.
Secondly, for equipment with unique torque requirements, custom gearboxes also show strong application capabilities. Through gearbox design calculations, custom gearboxes can meet the torque requirements of these special equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, for situations where obsolete or discontinued parts need to be replicated, custom gearboxes can also provide effective solutions to help users solve the problems of replacement and upgrading.
In addition, custom gearboxes are easy to integrate into existing equipment. Because the overall structure and performance requirements of the equipment are fully considered during its design process, it can be seamlessly connected with existing equipment to improve the overall performance and stability of the equipment.
Working with professional custom gearbox manufacturers like PALET, users can get more accurate and reliable parts. These manufacturers usually have rich experience and advanced technical strength, and can provide a full range of customized services according to user needs. From design to production, users can participate in it to ensure that the performance and quality of the gearbox meet expectations.
In summary, when facing mechanical OEM applications with special needs, choosing a customized gearbox is undoubtedly a wise choice.