Helical Gearbox

Helical gearbox ,Industrial gear reducer, cast steel housing, large load-bearing capacity, 35CrMo is used to make gears, 42CrMo is used to make gear shafts, quenching and tempering treatment, the hardness is greatly improved, roughing and finishing double-process processing, the tooth surface accuracy is greatly improved, the whole machine transmission, large load-bearing capacity, smooth transmission, stable performance, large housing structure, good heat dissipation, strong sealing.

single stage reducer

Single Stage Reducer

Two Stage Gearbox

Two Stage Gearbox

3 stage gearbox

3 stage gearbox

Product overview : Helical gearbox is optimized and arranged with parallel axes. The product is widely used in mining machine(Crusher ), agriculture machine, metallurgy machine(Cold rolling mill 、Hot rolling mill), lifting equipments(elevator、lifter、hoisting machinery), transportation, cement machines(belt conveyor、material elevator), construction equipment, printing and dyeing machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals

Performance characteristics:

1. Gears are made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel through normalizing and carburizing. The hardness of the gears reaches HRC58-62. The gears are ground with high precision and good contact.

2. High transmission efficiency: single-stage is greater than 96.5%, double-stage is greater than 93%, and three-stage is greater than 90%.

3. Small size, light weight, high precision, large load-bearing capacity, and long service life.

4. High reliability, stable operation, and low noise.

5. The main parameters such as center distance and transmission ratio are optimized, and the main parts have good interchangeability, easy disassembly and installation.

6. Generally, oil pool lubrication and natural cooling are adopted. When the thermal power is insufficient, circulating oil lubrication or fan and cooling plate cooling can be adopted.

Scope of application:

1. The input speed of the high-speed shaft of the reducer is not more than 1500r/min.

2. The peripheral speed of the gear transmission of the reducer is not more than 20m/s.

3. The working environment temperature of the reducer is -40~+50℃. When it is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0℃ before starting.

4. The reducer can run in both forward and reverse directions.

Standard Helical Gearboxes.xls

ReductionUnit SizesTransmission ratio
Single Stage Gearbox80、100、125、160、200、250、280、315、355、400、450、500、5601.25-5.6
Two Stage Gearbox112、125、140、160、180、200、224、250、280、315、355、400、450、500、560、630、7106.3-20
3 Stage Gearbox160、180、200、224、250、280、315、355、400、450、500、560、630、71022.4-100
4 Stage Gearbox180、200、224、250、280、315、355、400、450、500、560、630、710、800112-500