Heat treatment of gears

2m large gear

The purpose of gear tempering

Large gears are the main parts in the drum dryer.  Most of the tempered parts work under a relatively large dynamic load, they are subjected to tensile, compression, bending, torsion or shear, some surfaces also have friction, requiring a certain degree of wear resistance, etc.. In short, the parts are in a variety of composite stress work. These parts are mainly for a variety of machines and institutions of structural components, such as shafts, connecting rods, studs, gears, etc., in machine tools, automobiles and tractors and other manufacturing industries with very common. Especially for heavy machinery manufacturing in large parts, tempering treatment used more. Therefore, the tempering treatment occupies a very important position in heat treatment.

The role of gear tempering

The role of gear tempering is to make the performance of the steel, the material is adjusted to a large extent, its strength, plasticity and toughness are better, with good overall mechanical properties.

The steps of tempering.

Tempering is a dual heat treatment of quenching plus high-temperature tempering, the purpose of which is to make the workpiece has good overall mechanical properties.

Gear tempering is to change the comprehensive mechanical properties of the gear material, in order to make the heart of the gear has enough toughness, to facilitate the transmission of torque will not break. The hardness after tempering is actually not high, and the hardness of the material before tempering is not much different, but the mechanical properties are much better.

Tempering usually refers to quenching + high-temperature tempering to obtain tempered soxhlet heat treatment process.

(1) quenching, heating temperature depending on the composition of the steel, quenching medium is based on steel hardenability and steel size selection.

(2) Tempering, is to make tempered steel mechanical properties stereotyped, in order to eliminate stress, increase toughness, adjust the strength.