Grass pellet mill

grass pellet mill

Grass pellet mill introduction

The product of drying grass and granulation process, this form is convenient for storage and transportation. Ruminants such as cows and sheep are usually fed, most notably dairy cows for consumption. Grass pellets are higher in protein and can reduce the amount of concentrate feed to some extent. 

Grass pellet mill is being developed worldwide, grass pellet mill is being used directly for the processing of alfalfa pellets or straw with feed. And it is also used in the processing of refined feeds.

Grass pellet introduction

1. Forage growth and utilization is greatly influenced by the season. Winter forage is yellow and low in nutrients, home. Livestock lack of grass to eat; warm season forage grass grows vigorously, rich in nutrients, grass more livestock can not eat. Therefore, in order to make full use of the short and long, warm-season forage, cut, sun, crushed, processed into grass pellets to preserve, can be winter feeding livestock. 

2. High feed conversion rate. Feeding livestock and poultry with grass pellets in winter gives more meat, eggs and milk with less forage.

3. Small size. Grass pellet feed is only about 1/4 of the volume of its raw hay. Easy to store and transport, less dust is good for human and animal  health; easy to feed, can simplify feeding procedures. Creating conditions for intensive, mechanized livestock production.

4. Increase palatability and improve forage quality. If the grass mignonette has a special smell of coumarin, livestock more or less do not like to eat, but after being made into grass granules, it becomes a strong taste, high nutritional value of forage.

5. Expand feed sources. Such as the Jinchuan, Uruo, sheep firewood, etc., its branches are coarse and hard, crushed and processed into grass pellets, which becomes the forage that livestock like to eat. Other by-products such as by-products of crops, husks, straw and various leaves are processed into grass pellets that can be used to feed livestock and poultry.


How to make grass pellet?

step1: The most critical technology for processing grass pellets is to adjust the moisture content of the raw material. The moisture content of the raw material must first be measured, and if it is higher than 16%, a dryer is required to dry the forage, and if it is lower than 16%, water is mixed to the required moisture content for processing. According to the determination, with legume forage grass granules, the best moisture content of 14% ~ 16%; Grass forage for 13% ~ 15%.

step2: Grass in its original form is not suitable for direct processing with an grass pellet machine. When you grind it down to a small powder with the crusher, and the material size is below 5mm, the granulation rate and the grass pellets quality are much better.

step3: Grass pellets are usually processed with pellet feed pellet machine. Grass powder in the rolling process by stirring and extrusion, under normal circumstances, from the sieve just out of the particle temperature of 80 ℃ or so, from high temperature cooling to room temperature, the water content generally should be reduced by 3% to 5%, so the cooling of the grass particles of the DAO water content does not exceed 11% to 13%. Due to its very low moisture content, it is suitable for long-term storage without mould and spoilage.

step4: Grass pellets can be prepared into grass pellets containing different nutrients according to the nutritional requirements of various livestock and poultry. Its particle size can be adjusted to the pellet mill and processed on request.

The pellet feed is a comprehensive and stable feed, which is not easy to disperse in water, not easy to pollute the water body, easy digestion.

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flat die grass pellet mill

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