EFB Pellet Plant


EFB pellet plant in Indonesia

EFB pellets are made from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch short fiber and powder. EFB Pellet Plant is the complete pellet production line. Palm trees are distributed particularly in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. EFB production is over 15 million metric tons per year in Malaysia, Most are discarded directly into the palm garden as fertilizer. A small portion is torn to make palm long fiber, But the EFB Pellets are widely used for biofuels, there are many applications for EFB pellets, Power Plant, Boiler, hot air furnaces, hot water furnace, heat exchanger, House Hold BBQ Rack, Centralize Steam boiler. Qingdao PALET Company is always committed to supplying complete and economical EFB pellets plant making solutions.

1.EFB Pellets Specifications

DiameterMoistureAsh ContentVolatile MaterialCarbon ContentHeat Energy
8-10mm< 12%=5%75%13%4000 kcal/kg

2.EFB Pellet Machine Specifications

The specific ring die EFB pellet mill is designed to process 0PF materials such as EFB fiber and PKS POWDER. The output of the palm fiber pellet plant is about 800-1000kg/H for one pellet mill.

wood pellet mills

EFB pellet machines

ModelOutput(KG/H)Powerfeed powerWeight
Packing Size(mm)

  • The feeding machine adopts frequency conversion rate and high pitch control, which makes the feeding stable and does not block the material.
  • Forced feeding machine adopts blade structure to ensure uniform feed and no dead angle.
  • This ring die pellet mill suitable compression ratio and 4cr13 material are used to increase the output and service life.
  • Improved U type screw conveyor ensures continuous feeding without blockage.
  • The roller adopts a double sealing structure, which greatly improves the service life of the bearing.
  •  uses transducer control material feeding, has over loading protector, outboard discharging mechanism.
  • Push-brace oil pump lubricating gear, quick and saving labor, safe and reliable, can realize to refuel without stopping the engine.

3.EFB Pellets plant process (7 steps)

efb shredder

EFB shredder

step 1: Shredder the EFB

The empty fruit bunch shredder is a drum-type machine that can process the EFB into fiber 80-100mm, Because the EFB is less impurity and the fiber is thicker, the knife is made of alloy and specially designed. Greatly improved crushing efficiency.

efb fiber dryer

EFB fiber dryer

step 2: Drying the EFB Fiber

In order to produce high-quality wood pellets, the raw material must maintain the moisture content of 10% – 12%, so the raw material must be put into a dryer to reduce its moisture content. The most common dryer for EFB pellet plant is the rotary drum dryer, the moisture content in Palm Empty Fruit Bunch is about 50%~60%, EFB Rotary Dryer is specially designed for drying EFB after the shredder, which can reduce the 1000-2000kg/h water one time in large scale.

efb crusher

EFB crusher

step 3: Crush the EFB Fiber

EFB fiber crushing machine takes 20-30mm EFB fiber and break them down into a consistent smaller size for 5mm, making pressing through the pellet die quick and consistent. this machine uses the “U” type hitting groove in the bottom of the crushing chamber, which enhances the output; quick-start full opening operation door, elasticity screen, easy to maintain and replace the screen. Through dynamic balancing check, the rotor runs more stably, the noise is lower, and the performance is more ideal for EFB fiber crushing.

efb pellet mill

EFB pellet mill

step 4: Making the EFB pellets

The crushed EFB powder will be fed into the EFB pellet mill by feeding machine and pressed into solid EFB pellets with high density. There is an EFB ring die pellet mill, the intense pressure heats up the EFB fiber and binds it together as it passes through the die. This process forms the compressed EFB pellets.

efb pellet cooling machine

EFB pellet cooling machine

step 5: Cooling EFB pellets

When the pellets come out of the pellet machine, they will be hot and moist. The temperature is 70°-80°,the moisture content is about 15%,then the pellets go into the Cooling machine, the pellets will be dried into under 10% and cooled into normal temperature.

efb pellets screnner

EFB pellets screener

step 6: The pellets are screened for quality

The pellets go into the screener machine. it can sperate the pellet and powder. After that the clean pellets are ready for package, at the same time, the powder will pass through the screener, you can take this part back to the Elevator for re-pelleting.

efb pellet package machine

EFB pellet package machine

 step 7: Pellet packing machine

After cooling, Select the Pakage machine. The Packing Scale is for 10-25kg bags or ton bags. They are all automatic control of fast and slow intake, weighing and letting down of the bag. and At last, the packaged pellet bags are transported to a large warehouse.

4. Making EFB Pellets advantage

Raw material advantage: More concentrated, all set in the pressing plant, there is no need for a decentralized acquisition

Quantity of raw materials: Large quantity of raw materials and there is no shortage of raw materials

Raw material quality: Empty fruit bunch contains a lot of coarse fiber, and drying, crushing biofuels can be suppressed