Drum wood chipper

drum wood chipper

1.Drum wood chipper introduction

Drum wood chipper is a special equipment for producing wood chips. It is widely used in industrial production such as MDF, wood powder making machine, ordinary particleboard, wood pellet mill, wood pellet plant,  and paper making. 

As one of the main machines of the wood chip preparation section, it can also be used for a single machine for producing wood chips. The cutting materials of drum-type wood chipper are mainly small-diameter wood, wood cutting residues (branches, branches, etc.), wood processing residues (laths, sheet skins, round wood cores, waste single boards, etc.) The compact and reasonable structure, simple operation, high production capacity, operation, high production capacity, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance and is a more advanced one at present.

2.Drum wood chipper advantage

 The compact and reasonable structure occupies little room.

simple operation, high production capacity, easy and convenient maintenance.

safety and reliability, and are a more advanced one at present.

3.Elecrtic wood chipper parameter

drum wood chippers
Animal feed mouth size(MM)160×400230*500300×680450×700
Blades quantity(P)2222
Knife roll speed(R)592590650500
Raw material mix diameter(MM)160230300450
Turnoff dimension(CM)30303038
Working capacity(T)4-78-1010-2015-30
Main motor power(KW)4555/75110132-160
Feeding power(KW)2.2-34-5.55.5-7.57.5-11
Pump motor power(KW)1.5×11.5×11.5×13×1

4. Diesel engine chipper parameter

ModelAnimal feed mouth size(MM)Blades quantity(P)Blades quantity(P)Raw material mix diameter(MM)Turnoff dimension(CM)Working capacity(T)Main motor power(HP)Weight(KG)dimension(CM)

5.Wood chipper structure and principle

The drum chipper is composed of the machine seat, tool roller, upper and lower feeding mechanism, feeding device, hydraulic buffer system and electrical control system.

Diesel engine chipper

step1: equipment base

The drum chipper is made of high strength steel plate, which is the supporting foundation of the whole machine. Base tool holder support and machine holder welding as the one used to install the base tool holder. The base knife is fixed on the base with specially made high strength bolts.

The base tool holder can be freely drawn through the hole on the side of the wall panel of the machine seat, it is fixed on the machine seat by two clamping keys, and the cut wood pieces fall down through the hole of the screen mesh and are discharged from the bottom of the machine seat. Too large pieces of wood can be crushed again by a crushing rod mounted on the seat.

step2: Knife roller

The tool roller is the working part of the drum chipper, which is welded by steel plate. It has good steel property and a moment of inertia and has passed the dynamic balance experiment. The spindle and knife roller are connected by a locking device. Its structure is simple, easy to install and disassemble, and it is reliable to use. The two ends of the spindle are supported by a centering roller bearing, and the bearing seat is fixed on the machine seat.

The knife roller is equipped with two flying knives, which are fixed on the knife roller by pressure block with specially made flying knife bolts. The tool roller and belt pulley is connected by cone sleeve, which has the advantages of high standardization degree, good centering precision, compact structure, convenient installation and disassembly, long service life and so on.

step3:Upper and lower feeding mechanism

The lower feeding mechanism consists of a feeding roller, supporting roller, feeding roller shaft, reducer, etc. The feeding roller has a large diameter, heavy weight and coarse teeth on the surface, so it can press the raw material and make it enter the cutting position at a uniform speed. Set to ensure the length and quality of the chipper.

The upper feeding roller is fastened to the shaft by locking device, the shaft is supported by a spherical roller bearing, and the bearing seat is fixed on the upper feeding roller seat. The upper feeding roller seat is mounted on the machine seat through the pendulum shaft and can swing up and down around the pendulum shaft, thus ensuring that he can automatically adapt to the feed height.

 The lower feeding roller shaft and the cleaning roller are supported by spherical roller bearings respectively, and the bearing seat is fixed on the machine seat.

The upper and lower feeding roller shaft adopts the welded square shaft structure, the feeding roller is a four-piece split type, and the screw is connected with the feeding roller shaft, which has the advantages of simple and quick replacement. The upper and lower deceleration motor drives the upper and lower feeding rollers respectively. The rotation direction of the upper feeding roller is the same as that of the cutter roller, and the rotation direction of the lower feeding roller is opposite to that of the cutter roller.

step4: feeder

The feeding device is a belt conveyor, which consists of a head wheel, a tail wheel, a belt and a frame. The head wheel is driven by the lower feeding roller through the chain and the belt is driven by the head wheel to feed the raw material into the feeding port.

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