Corn hammer mill

corn hummer mill

Corn hammer mill introduction

This product is based on the company’s mature hammer chip crusher, research on the crushing characteristics of corn, for the characteristics of corn crushing, the development of corn crushing equipment, the equipment is widely used in farms, small, medium and large feed mills.

Corn hammer mill advantage

1. Improved maize crushing performance and reduced energy consumption.
2. Work safety and high stability.
3、Collapsible parts, main accessories to keep and other hammer piece crusher common, easy to buy accessories.
4、The installation form and production process are the same as other hammer shredder, the original shredder can be directly replaced in the original installation position.
5、Operate and maintain with other hammered veneer mills to facilitate the production management of feed production enterprises.

Corn hammer mill application

Mainly used in corn milling, but also in other feedstuffs
Such as: soybean meal, wheat, cotton meal, vegetable meal and other feed crushing processing.
The main holes used are: Φ2.0mm, Φ2.5mm, Φ3.0mm, Φ3.5mm.
The main distribution range of crushing particle size is 16 to 40 mesh.
The crushing characteristics are.
a. In livestock and poultry feed production, usually with Φ2.5mm sieve hole, the corn is crushed in place at once.
b, in aquafeed production, usually with Φ2.0mm sieve hole, the first coarse crushing of corn, for the second microcrushing to provide coarse wheat flour raw materials.

Corn hammer mill parameter

roller diameter(mm)650
body width(mm)1100
blade quatity(pie)108
corn hammer mill

Corn hammer mill specification

Feeder Model WL20×100 
Dust Collector ModelMC84 
Systemic resistance (Pa)4000~4500
Required airflow (m3/h)7557
Fan Model6-28-11No.8C/15 kW
Diameter of air pipe(mm)inlet450
Sealing StrandsSLL32

Corn hammer mill process

corn hammer mill diagram

corn hammer mill equipment

001: buffer bucket 002: feeder 003: Shredder 004: Field Control Cabinet
005: Sinker 006: Dust collector 007: Centrifugal fan 008: Material sealer 009: Lifting machine

The spare part pictures

corn hammer mill blade


corn hummer mill screen