Chicken manure pellet mill


  • PLT series of chicken manure pellet mill is the main machine of pressing granule chicken manure, animal manure. Its uses of various animal manure according to the output. 
  • It with compact structure and nice performance, high capacity, low power consumption, convenient to use and reliable
  • The feeder adopts frequency electric motor to control feeding, it setting up overload protection device, outer discharging mechanism and pressure oil pump lubrication system.
  •  The whole chicken manure pellet production line include hammer mill, screener, mixer, pellet mill, conveyor, etc.
chicken manure pellet millchicken manure pellet mill

Specifications and tenich parameter:

gear box transmission pellet mill

ring die pellet mill

PLT 320PLT 350PLT 400PLT 420PLT 508
2Main Power37KW55KW75/90KW110KW132/160
3Power of Feeding Auger0.55KW0.75KW0.75KW1.5KW1.5KW
4Power of Conditioner2.2KW2.2KW2.2KW5.5KW7.5KW
5Inner Diameter of Die320mm350mm400mm420mm508mm

Questions About Chicken Manure Pellet Mill

The pellet mill application

The chicken manure,  animal manure,  organic fertilizer granule, fermentation manure, etc.

What is the different between chicken manure pellet mill and biomass pellet mill?

1. The output is different. The output of the chicken manure pellet mill is much larger than the biomass pellet mill. The pellets are easy to form.

2. The speed is different. The chicken manure pellet mill speed is higher than the biomass pellet mill. So the output is large.

3. The pressure is different. The biomass pellet is not easy to form, but the chicken manure pellet is reverse. It can be made in the lower pressure.

4. The feed machine is different, The material of chicken manure feed machine is the 304 stainless.

What are the main parts in chicken manure pellet mill?

The Chicken Manure Pellet Mill Roller、Gear Box、Ring Die Model. The Die and Roller are the most wearable parts. 

ring die pellet mill roller

chicken manure pellet mill

gear box

pellet mill ring die

pellet mill die

How to Correctly Operate Ring Die Chicken Manure Pellet Mill ?

we prepare the teaching videos in terms of installation, operation, parts replacements, repair and maintenance parts. And 7/24 email and phone call service is available.