Charcoal making machine

charcoal making machine

Charcoal making machine introduction

Charcoal making machine is a device that uses woody materials such as sawdust, wood chips, rice husks, peanut husks, etc. to make solid fuel and charcoal under high pressure conditions and without adding any binder in the process.

The machine by PALET company adopts the temperature regulation indicator, which can be operated stably under the set temperature, and has the advantages of reasonable structure and simple operation and maintenance. The solid fuel produced by this machine is easy to catch fire, has high calorific value (more than 20% higher than ordinary wood), less dirt during combustion, and greater specific gravity than storage and transportation. To be able to make full use of agroforestry surpluses and reduce the country’s agroforestry energy stress.

Charcoal making machine working principle

Using the inherent properties of wood feedstock, the lignin in the wood feedstock is plasticized by spiral extrusion at high temperatures and pressures to combine microfibrils to form a rod-shaped solid fuel.

charcoal working principle

Charcoal machine parameter and specification

installed powermotor powerelectrical powercapacityweightsize

Product performance

external dimensions: Outer diameter φ55, inner diameter φ20, length >50mm

Ratio Heavy: 1200-1300kg/ m3

Hot Value: 4400-5000kcaI/kg

charcoal product

Charcoal making machine application

Suitable materialwaste of wood、sawdust、rice hull、efb fiber、pks、bamboo、couch grass、corn and sorghum stalks、wheat straw,etc.
Moisture content10-12% (wet base)
Granularity<= 6mm

Charcoal making machine installation and commission

1.Fasten all coupling bolts, especially the three top wires in the heating barrel, connect the cooling water pipes and connect the electrical and power lines

2.Inspection all oil site

3.Check that the power supply voltage is normal.

4.Start up and run for 5 minutes without any abnormal phenomena such as cards, bumps, etc., and put it into normal production. When an abnormality is found in the test machine, it must be stopped immediately, find the cause, troubleshoot and then make no-load operation.

5.Adjust the temperature regulator to the required temperature, when the temperature reaches the predetermined humidity, before starting the machine, and feed the appropriate amount.

6.Make the hopper free of material before the shutdown, and immediately invert for 1 minute after the shutdown, so that the material contained in the propeller to exit.

What is the difference between charcoal machine and briquette machine

1.The output is different. The charcoal making machine capacity is 260kg/h, and the briquette machine capacity is from 100-1000kg/h

2.The price is different. Sale charcoal machine is cheaper than briquette machine. The briquette machine price is higher.

3.The working principle is different.The briquette machine motor drives the flywheel and uses the punch to quickly punch the briquette. But the charcoal made by spiral extrusion, and heating by electric heating ring.

The pictures of charcoal making machine and spare parts

charcoal machine

Sawdust charcal making machine

charcoal machine spare parts

Charcoal making machine spare parts

sawdust charcoal products

Sawdust charcoal

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