Briquette machine

briquette machine

1000KG/H Briquette machine

waste material briquette machine

100KG/H Briquette machine

260KG/H Charcoal machine

Briquette machine introduction

A briquette machine is used to press waste material into various sized briquettes that are easy to transport and storage,and the briquettes can be sold and used in the boiler industry, construction industry,chemical industry,etc. 

Briquette machine application

Suitable materialwaste of wood、sawdust、rice hull、efb fiber、pks、bamboo、couch grass、corn and sorghum stalks、wheat straw,etc.
Moisture content10-12% (wet base)
Granularity<= 6mm

1000kg/h briquette machine parameter and specification

Qingdao PALET company successfully develops PLT-1000 single head punching briquette machine on the basis of improvement and innovation of the making briquette technology which introduced from Japan. 

It passed the process of 300 ton force of impact, moving forth and back with high frequency impact 300times per minutes and finally shape after twice forming by forming mould and calibrator. The linkage bar structure of the heart part, plunger and impacting head adopt high-alloy anti- friction material, so the user time is several times of the similar products.

It has advantage of unique design, reasonable structure, easy operation, low consumption but high efficiency, firm and anti-friction, long user time and so on.

It has a wide selection of biomass, such as saw dust, peanut shell,rice husk,cotton rod,sorghum shell,twig,branch, bark, waste material from various kinds of timber,forest waste and household garbage,rubber,cement, ash and so on. It used in biomass power station, boiler,wood processing factory, fertilizer factory, chemical factory and so on.It’s the ideal equipment for its small investment,quick feedback, and no risk.

ModelTurnoff diameter(mm)Output(t/h)Power(kw)Weight(t)Size(mm)
1000kgh briquette machine

100kg/h briquette machine parameter and specification

The renewable energy compression equipment is to processing the sawdust,stalk ,guass ,straw and weed into stick,piece and pellet,thus promoting thecombustion rate per bulk.

It’s widely used to disposal and machining the waste of furniture factories, wood factories, farms. They are mainly used ad the fuel in furnace ,boiler and power plant,and the clinker after burning is directly used in the field as fertilizer.


ModelOutput(KG/H)Turnoff diameter(MM)Weight(KG)Pressure(Mpa)Power(KW)
waste material briquette machine

The rural corn stalk, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural materials as raw materials, after pressuring,increasing density.It can be instesd of conventional coal as a new fuel.                                           

Biomass molds the high-volatile fuel, easily precipitated.It can be save more fuels ,reduce cost.the finish products has small size , large is easy to storage and transport.raw. the volume is only about 1 / 30 of straw. 10-15 times as the same weight of straw .f 0.9-1.4g/cm3, density can be achieved between 3500-5500 kcal, is a high-volatile solid fuels.

“Stalk Coal” can replace the wood, coal, gas, etc.,  widely used in life stove, heating furnace, industrial boiler, biomass power plant. Urban heating, and guesthouses, hotels, bathing, etc., the use of coal-fired boilers do not meet the requirements of environmental protection, can only use oil-fired boiler, which is higher than the cost of fuel “coal straw” the three times, bring out the heavy pressure on the operation.

charcoal machine parameter

modelinstalled powermotor powerelectrical powercapacityweightsize
charcoal making machines

Charcoal briquette

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