Alfalfa dryer

alfalfa dryer

Alfalfa dryer introduction

Alfalfa dryer is specially designed for drying alfalfa grass and wood chips,sawdust, the equipment integrates drying cooling and drying, energy saving up to 30-50% than ordinary dryer, can maximize energy and drying costs.
Due to the need of storage, transportation and deep processing, alfalfa after harvest, in addition to green storage for self-use, as a commodity grass must be dried to make it less than 14% moisture, due to different drying methods, the quality of dry alfalfa varies greatly, the corresponding market price difference is also very large, which directly affects grass farmers and grass merchants revenue.

Alfalfa drying rate and drying quality

It is known that alfalfa grass at harvest time has a water content of about 75-85%, active protein and vitamins of about 25% by weight of dry matter and is very nutritious.
When the alfalfa grass is harvested, the drying process begins, as evidenced by a wealth of research data: in the natural drying,The drying process is always accompanied by quite complex physiological and biochemical processes, such as cellular respiratory metabolism, which is a process that takes place at the expense of nutrients.
And at the same time, some proteins are broken down into amino acids by the action of some biological enzymes, and as the aforementioned process proceeds and the clover wilts, disease resistance decreases, and harmful microorganisms begin to invade the clover’s nutrient body, causing the clover to begin to rot or deteriorate, while consuming large amounts of nutrients.

alfalfa drying rate
The process described above is entirely dependent on how quickly the alfalfa grass is dehydrated and how long it takes to reach safe water. Because all activity in these processes will cease completely only when the water content of alfalfa reaches below 14%, and the nutritional content of alfalfa grass will be stable, the threshold water content of 14% is called safe water content.
The time taken to bring the moisture content of freshly cut alfalfa down to a safe moisture content (14%) is called the drying rate, and the drying rate determines the nutrient level and quality of the dried alfalfa grass, and the relationship between drying rate and protein preservation rate is given in the figure below.
It can be seen from the table that if the natural drying method is used, the harvest period is often subject to weather conditions, such as the rainy season, after the cut can not dry, not only will miss the most nutritious period of alfalfa grass, or even cause total rot

Alfalfa dryer working principle

Because of the aforementioned, the faster the drying rate, the less loss of nutrients in alfalfa, and because of the short growth period of alfalfa high nutrients, to concentrate the harvest, so the dryer is required to produce a large yield. 

Therefore, the high temperature and fast drying machine is usually used, the drying temperature of the fuel machine can reach 500-1000 degrees, the drying temperature of the coal-fired machine can reach 400-500 degrees, the drying time of alfalfa is only 3-5 minutes, the high temperature and fast drying machine must realize automatic control and corresponding fire and explosion-proof measures, and its drying cost can not be too high.

 At present, Qingdao palet multi-ring drum alfalfa dryer equipment can fully meet the above requirements, the color, aroma and taste of the dried alfalfa grass is almost the same as fresh grass, the protein content is 5-7% higher than the natural drying, and due to the high temperature drying, the weed seeds, eggs and harmful bacteria in the hay are all killed.

Alfalfa dryer flow chart

alfalfa dryer flow chart

Alfalfa dryer equipment list

1elevator5pipe9alfalfa dryer
2hot air furnace6scew10draft fan
3draft fan7wind closing device11cyclone
4chimney8feeding conveyor12discharging conveyor

Alfalfa dryer advantage

Good degree of automation, high thermal efficiency and easy operation.

The alfalfa dryer is used as the main body of the drying system, with simple structure, low failure, low maintenance costs, high capacity and continuous operation.

The overall system is well sealed and equipped with a perfect dust removal device, no dust spillage.

The whole alfalfa grass drying plant system is electrically centrally controlled, highly automated and easy to operate.
Can be combined with the grinding, mixing, pelletizing, baling, briquetting and other subsequent stages to improve the level of deep processing of alfalfa grass.

Alfalfa dryer video

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