Activated carbon rotary kiln

Activated carbon rotary kiln introduction

Activated carbon rotary kiln is a kind of rotary drum machine, which is used to making high iodine value activated carbon. It is suitable for a variety of materials, including coal, coconuts shell, palm kernel shell, crop residue, and wood chips, etc. It is a complete and advanced activated carbon making machine at present. 

Activated carbon process

activated carbon process

The red area is the high iodine value activated carbon process

How does the activated carbon kiln work?

Put firewood into the furnace to light, it is about 5~7 hours, furnace temperature up to 500 C, and then loaded with carbonization. When the carbonization material produced by the activation kiln enters the rotary kiln, it enters the oxygen. 

After the furnace temperature reaches 900 C, the high temperature flue gas enters the waste heat steam boiler furnace. And then the high-temperature flue gas becomes the low-temperature flue gas and drains into the atmosphere. The heat released during the cooling process burns the water in the boiler and turns the water into water vapor. 

The resulting steam is injected into the activated carbon layer in the rotary kiln. The steam is perforated in the carbon layer. The low-temperature-water gas enters into the 900 C carbon layer and the carbon is blown open, finally, the activated carbon has a porous structure.

Activated carbon rotary kiln structure

The machine includes big gear, small gear, single motor, gearbox, rolling ring, riding wheel, etc. The pinion drives the big gear through the gearbox, the big gear drives the rotary kin. The inner layer of activated carbon rotary kiln is a steel plate, and the outer layer is light body insulation brick, which is used for heat preservation and heat insulation. The outer layer of insulation brick is refractory brick, which is used for heating and heat preservation.

Activated carbon rotary kiln features and advantage

  1. Physical Steaming Aerobic Activation, manganese steel, structure stainless steel. 
  2. the temperature of fire bricks is 2800℃,use the waste gas steam boiler system.
  3. high economic efficiency, high productivity, low energy consumption.
  4. easy operation and convenient maintenance, safety, and reliability.

Activated carbon application

Suitable materialCoal,wood chips,wood pellet,shell granular( wood charcoal, coconut shell, palm kernel shell, peach kernel, Kaili charcoal, etc) or charcoal mix with few raw shell mixed material.
application industryMunicipal drinking water, purify indoor air,food and beverage processing, iodor removal, industrial pollution control,pharmaceutical industry,biomass industry,etc.

The activated carbon rotary kin specifation and parameter

ModelSpecification (m)Rotate speed(r/min)Power(kw)Install angle(°)weight(T)

The activated carbon kiln pictures

Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln

activated carbon kiln

activated carbon rotary kiln

activated carbon rotary kiln

activated carbon rotary kiln structure

the inner structure

small activated carbon rotary kiln

small activated carbon rotary kiln

Fire bricks

activated carbon kiln fie bricks

the rotary kiln big gear

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