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Activated carbon machine introduction

Activated carbon machine is a kind of making activated carbon system, which includes carbonizing, grinding, sieving, aerobic activation, collection. It can process the material into activated carbon, which is used to purify liquids and gases in a variety of applications. It is a complete and advanced activated carbon production line.

Activated carbon process

activated carbon process

The red area is the high iodine value activated carbon process

How does the activated carbon machine work?

1.  Drying, carbonization

The shell is transported to the top hopper by the screw conveyor, the raw material is heated, dried at temperatures of 170 to 600℃.when the bottom of the kiln is discharged and space appears in the carbonization stage, the preheated fruit shell drops into the carbonization section, At this stage, the volatile matter in charcoal was eliminated by cynical burning, and then carbonization of approximately 80% of the original organic matter.

 2. Activation radioactivation

 The second process is the activation of carbides, which is accomplished by the reaction of activators such as water vapor with carbon. In endothermic reactions, a mixture of CO and H2 gas is mainly produced, which is used to burn and heat the carbides to an appropriate temperature (800 to 1000℃) in order to burn all the decomposable substances in them. The activated carbon is having a developed micropore structure and a huge surface area.

  1. Cooling and discharging

 After cooling by the hot water exchanger at the bottom of the kiln,  the qualified high temperature activated carbon automatically is sent into the feeder car by the feeder.  And then crushing and screening inspection, it is put into the finished product storehouse for sale.

  1.  Process high quality activated carbon

 For processing high iodine value activated carbon, the activated carbon produced by the activated kiln goes into the activated carbon rotary kiln for further processing. The parameter of activated carbon rotary kiln please refer to:

Activated carbon machine features

  1. Physical Steaming Aerobic Activation, manganese steel, structure stainless steel. 
  2. Fire bricks, insulate bricks, waste gas steam boiler system.
  3. It is suitable for shell granular( wood charcoal, coconut shell, palm shell, peach kernel, Kaili charcoal, etc) or charcoal mix with few raw shell mixed material.

Activated carbon machine specification and parameter

3000T/Year coconut activated carbon

1activated carbon kiln8X62
2heat exchanger2402
3activated carbon rotary kilnφ1.6x162
7package machinep252
8screw converyorU3505
9dust collector3
10separator cyclone3
11draft fan11kw3

Activated carbon application

Municipal drinking water, purify indoor air,food and beverage processing, odor removal, industrial pollution control, pharmaceutical industry,biomass industry,etc.

The activated carbon kiln pictures

activated carbon kiln

activated carbon rotary kiln

activated carbon rotary kiln

Fire bricks in container

Fire bricks in container

Fire bricks

Fire bricks

For detail and activated carbon machine, please refer to:


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